Beach screens

Beach screens are usually made of 100% cotton, weighing from 110 to 150 g/m2 or pollycotton, which is a cotton fabric with up to 35% polyester. The design of a beach screen and its final look depend entirely on our customer's needs.

The width of a segment is usually 65-85 cm (we suggest 75 cm). The length of one span is usually 1 m. The number of spans - from 3 to 5. As a mounting agent for our products we use round, wooden, milling sticks (100-120 cm long) with sharp ends.

Because of minimal order amount for plane printing (500 running meters) we suggest ordering at least 300 four-span beach screens. Smaller quantities are printed with the use of technology which costs increase the price of one unit.

In case of very small order amount there is a possibility of pigment printing from digital printer directly on the fabric. This technology is quite expensive, but cost-effective in case of small quantities, because of elimination of costs connected with preparation of printing screens. Additionally, it allows to copy the exact image perfectly.