Heat transfers

We would like to offer the easiest, cleanest and cheapest way to decorate commercial products - heat transfers. You can deploy them on cotton, polyester, lycra and other materials which are withstanding a temperature from 150 C till 200 C.

What is the essence of heat transfer?
  • high resolution - up to 3600 dpi,
  • high tensile - they don't split, they return into theirs original size,
  • soft grip,
  • excellent covering on dark and light colours,
  • ow costs of realization multicolour application.

Price depends on size and gender of heat transfer.

We offer three main kinds of hot split transfers:
  1. offset printing - high resolution, you can do a photo or multicolour vector overprint,
  2. plastisol - one colour overprints which are according to Pantone Matching System,
  3. offset printings with brocade - connection of offset heat transfer with brocade, elements of fashion are containing brocade (about 20 colours).

Please feel free to view our gallery presenting some of already made heat transfers. If you are interested in entering into cooperation with our company, please send us your design, and we will submit a competitive offer to you.

Heat transfers with photographical resolution (click the picture below to enlarge it)

Heat transfer with photographical resolution

High tensile heat transfers

High tensile heat transfer High tensile heat transfer High tensile heat transfer

Heat transfers with brocade (click the pictures below to enlarge them)

Heat transfer with brocade Heat transfers with brocade