Plane printing

Technology: In film plane printing the templates are particular sized metal frames with screen stretched and fixed to them. Such templates are placed on a fabric, which is stretched on a special flexible table, and the paint is pushed through not varnished elements of the screen. At the same time it is raked with a flexible, rubber, printing "knife". Then, the template is raised and moved on, according to the pattern, and the process is repeated.
At the time of printing the fabric is fixed to the printing table - usually 45-50 m long. After being printed the product has to be dried. Plane printing is made with the use of the method "wet on wet". The advantage of this method is the possibility to obtain big patterns, which depend only on the size of the templates.

Use: Plane printing is used, first of all, for printing of big size patterns for banners, big sized parasols, flags, streamers etc.

Minimal production: Productivity of this technology is approximately 2000 running meters per shift, and the minimum number for printing is 500 running meters.