Photographic printing

Technology: Photographic printing on fabric is one of the latest world's technologies in overprinting. This printing is characterized by very high picture definition, using technical capabilities of offset printing. This technology allows to place an overprint on pastel colour fabric or knitwear (T-shirt, sweatshirt) which looks very close to the digital photo. Photographic printing is the only technology, which allows to copy the exact picture on the fabric.
Photographic printing has nothing in common with screen printing and InkJet type printing, on the contrary - it is much ahead of this technology in perfection of picturing the project. This kind of printing is a Polish patent, owned by STAMPA. The most important characteristic of this printing is the fact that the cost of printing with the use of this technology is similar to the one made in a traditional way. Other advantages of this technology are soft hold and no effect of rigid, palpable layer of overprint - the texture of the fabric is unaltered.

Use: It is used mainly for printing on white or very light colour T-shirts. It allows to picture big sized patterns, not changing the comfort of using the product (no rubber, rigid surface).

Minimal production: Minimal production depends on the specification and the size of the pattern - it is settled individually.