The vests we produce, are an element of outwear distributed among customers in order to promote your trade mark or to supply personnel with working clothing, marked with company's logo.

Fabrics used in vest production are mostly nylon-like and waterproof, Gore-Tex, polar fleece, cotton knitwear of "tracksuit" type, cord, lining etc.

The cut and the pattern of the clothes depend on used materials, customer's assignment and needs. We often make products on the basis of patterns presented by a purchaser. In production of warm vests we use high quality nylon and inside lining of weight from 140 to 220 g/m2. If you want to gain individual look, we can adjust some finishing details, i.e. density of quilting, way of finishing the back - simple or half-round, pockets - slant or straight - covered with tab or visible zip, woman type - half-round stitches next to pockets to mark hips, inside linings of different types - polar fleece, net, inside pockets finished with lace - with a button, covered zip, additional pocket for mobile phone etc.
"Light" vests made of polar fleece, cord or polar fabrics can be trimmed with additional lace around arms and wide cotton welt around neck and waist.

Ornamentation: we are able to brand clothes in many different ways: embroideries, overprints, printed inserts, jacquard labels, elastomers (patterns pressed on plastic elements sewed on clothes or attached to zips) ordinary or reflective jacquard tapes.