Polar fleece blouses

STAMPA's standard products among polar fleece garments are: caps, gloves, scarves, sweatshirts, jackets and vests. Production of polar fleece garments is characterized by high degree of diversification. We give our customers almost unlimited possibilities to choose order parameters. We can offer you many individual forms of sweatshirts and vests, we can also make a product according to your own design.

Colouring of the fabrics is unlimited because we are able to dye polar fleece any colour you wish. The weight we use is between 200 g/m2 and 500 g/m2.

We use polar fleece imported from Asian region and from the USA, as well as polar fleece made in Poland, which is often higher quality than the imported ones. The prices of polar fleece are between 7 zl and 30 zl per running meter (150-175 cm wide).

We apply different techniques to brand products. These are: embroidery, pressed designs, screen process print, elastomers.

Our production capacity is about 1000 pcs a day. However this amount depends on the people and machinery engaged in execution of current orders. Average time needed to prepare an order oscillates between 10 and 21 days. All other information we can give after having been acquainted with specific orders.