Caps, scarves

Our company produces caps and scarves made of different fabrics and in different shapes and sizes.

The first group of caps include so called baseball caps made of classic heavyweight dungaree (300g/m2) or ennobled dungaree "Buffalo" type. The price of a cap depends on the order number, ornamentation and additives such as: number and kind of adjuster holes - 6 or 8, embroidered or metal: kind of adjustor - plastic holdfast, strap holdfast (metal), "YKK" type adjustor; peak - with or without "memory" of springing, quilting of a peak - number of stitches etc.

The second group of headgear are polar fleece caps. They can have different shapes and trimming, ranging from classic tucked caps to those sewed of different kinds of polar fleece and in mixed colours, finished off inside with artificial sheep skin or additional polar fleece fur layer.

Scarves are usually produced to match a cap. The width of a scarf can be between 20 to 35 cm, and the length from 120 to 150 cm. Because polar fleece does not become frayed, customers usually content with scarves cut in a suitable shape, with fringes and embroidery. There is a possibility to use ornamental stitches along edges or to cut a scarf with rounded endings and lacing it with cotton or satin tape.

Sport advertising scarves are products made of polyester knitwear "pique" type or close to it and they are used mainly to bring a given design into prominence. A fabric used to produce these scarves let us print a design on it with high photo definition. Because of this a scarf is not so functional, but it obtains better marketing effect. These scarves are used during sports events, Olympic games, election campaigns etc.

STAMPA company also produces: peaks, hats, kepi, woolen hats, headband etc.