About us

STAMPA has existed on the market for 30 years. The company's promoter and owner is Stanislaw Pamula. Since the beginning STAMPA has been related to printing and advertising trade. During its activity it has used many printing technologies, ranging from screen process, rotary and plane print to digital print.

STAMPA has also been engaged in finishing fabrics and large-format printing on polyester fabrics. At present one of the most valuable company's capabilities is KNOW-HOW in a domain of printing techniques and processes related to production and finishing fabrics. 30-year experience has resulted in a huge number of contacts which help STAMPA to work with a number of collaborators. We cooperate directly with producers of fabrics as well as producers of paints and printing agents. We have our own printing house and production capacity in a domain of sewing.

Our market familiarity and the knowledge we have gained give us the possibility to execute huge amount orders for big corporations or to produce so called inserts enclosed to newspapers and magazines as well as gadgets for big advertising campaigns, demanding short-term execution and competitive unit price. Our knowledge of printing techniques, producing fabric processes and possibilities of individual producers let us select optimal parameters of order accomplishment, which guarantee a reasonable price together with high quality of a final product. STAMPA usually focuses on accomplishing the precise order and organization of marketing strategy leaves to advertising agencies.

For last 30 years our company has cooperated with so many customers that it would be difficult to mention all of them. The most important productions include: complex advertising service of John Paul II's visit to Poland; cooperation with many drink producers, e.g. Coca Cola Beverages Poland, Pepsi Cola, Mazowszanka, Dick Black, Sonda fruit juices, Browary Lech, Brok, Kujawiak, Van Pur, Okocim, Tyskie and Strzelec, Kraft Jacobs Suchard, General Botlers Europa. In adittion: TP S.A., Era GSM, Plus GSM, IDEA Centertel, PKN Orlen, Shell Poland, Schöller Poland, Hero Poland, McDonald's Poland, Pizza Hut, Zott Poland, Star Foods, Master Foods Poland, OFE Pocztylion, OFE Epoka, PKO BP, BBDO Warsaw, Margaret Astor, Prinze, West, Caro, Ogilvy & Mother, Pepsi Cola (Latvia and Estonia), the Great Orchestra of the Christmas Charity (holographic security).